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Please send your check to :
World of Alternatives
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Please make the check payable to World of Alternatives Ltd



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Harmonic Series 

Remote Viewing   Telepathy   Speed Learning   Chakra Meditation

Sleep Reduction   Stress Management   Lucid Dreaming   Astral Projection

Precognition    Energiser    Instant Meditation   Out of Body

Epsilon Wave      Delta Wave    Endorphin Release

Power Nap   Past Life Regression   Self Hypnosis

Shaman  Become Psychic   Increase IQ

Autogenics    Chi Generator    Om

Improve Memory     Meditation Course 


NHC Series 

Cure Insomnia   Improve Creativity    Instant Charisma

Cure Impotence     Control Stress     Improve Self Confidence

Stop Smoking      Stop A Habit     Lose Weight





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