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From: Michael Stuart
CEO of FreedomEveryone.com

Dear Friend,

      Just 2 years ago I was working at Wal-Mart for $6.25 an hour. My wife and I were drawing food stamps to feed the kids. And with my income at $425 every two weeks after taxes, we could not keep up with the bills. Now I know a lot of you out there are thinking to yourselves, sounds like my situation. Well, I know exactly what your going through. Trying to pay the car note, trying to make the rent on time, trying to buy new clothes for the kids. And on top of all that, trying to keep the family happy! Which is the hardest thing to do when you have money problems!!!

      That all changed for me 2 years ago. And in just a few minutes, I am going to take you by the hand and show you exactly how I did it! I will take you step by step and show you exactly how easy you can make $2,000-$10,000 per month Guaranteed!

  Hi Mike,

Just joined the site 3 days ago and the only thing that comes to mind is Outstanding!!!

3 days ago I had no idea what kind of money could be made on the internet. With no experience or knowledge of how to use the internet to make money, I  really didn't think you had a shot of teaching me. But after making $150 in the last three days, I'm sold.

I will keep you posted on my future earnings. Thanks a million, you have changed my life!


      When you get the hang of it, you will be making hundreds of dollars Everyday!!! You will be astounded by the instant gratification you receive. Earn passive income from the comfort of your own home. Wouldn't you like to be in control over when it's time to work and when it's time to play!

Take a look at one of my recent statements from Clickbank.com and PayPal.com.

First ClickBank.com:

ClickBank Credits Report
Sale Date: 2004-01-04

Current Local Time: 18:06:30

date  time   order#  link  profit    referral    ctry  customer info
===== ===== ======== ==== ======== ============= ===== =============
01-04 23:58 WRDWKxxx  01     $6.68 by extron     AU/VC HARVEY, LEAH
01-04 23:48 WD90Jxxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/OR PENTZ, WILLIAM
01-04 23:21 W0SJJxxx  01     $6.54 by extron     SE    WIGSTEN, MARGITA
01-04 23:09 WCQDXxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/AZ PICCOLI, LAUNA
01-04 22:03 WK7HVxxx  01    $26.74 none          US/CO PETERS, JEAN
01-04 22:01 WTFK6xxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/NY HOULE, BRIAN
01-04 21:51 W4YPVxxx  01    $26.74 none          US/IL PERRY, PENNY
01-04 21:45 W0GDKxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/MO BARTHOLOMEW, DEREK
01-04 21:40 WH6HMxxx  01     $6.68 by sellwide   US/CA GOLDEN, MARILYN
01-04 21:35 WNL5Lxxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/SC CROSBY, CHRISTOPHER
01-04 21:31 WL66Sxxx  01     $6.68 by jbourdow   US/TX DEPAOLI, LUCIA
01-04 21:25 W4NE4xxx  01     $6.59 by extron     GB    GILLAN, MARK
01-04 21:02 WXZLTxxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/OR MCCOWAN, CHRISTINE
01-04 20:29 W4G9Yxxx  01     $6.68 by jbourdow   US/PA FREY, ANGELA
01-04 19:52 W9VWExxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/NV RICH, JON
01-04 19:47 WSSL7xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/MO BROWN, WILLIAM
01-04 19:37 W3FD0xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/IL MCGINN, DAVID
01-04 19:34 WPTBJxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/NV BOLINGER, SHARON
01-04 19:32 WPFJSxxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/IN BAPPLE, JOSEPH
01-04 19:26 WYKQ4xxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/PA KRUMMERT, AUBREI
01-04 18:50 W8TWBxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/CA GAETANI, JENNY
01-04 18:49 W2096xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/TX MAISBERGER, AMY
01-04 18:32 W4R93xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/KS MAACK, JEANETTE
01-04 18:23 WRF65xxx  01     $6.68 by scoot069   US/FL SCOTT, BRENDAN
01-04 18:17 WEX3Sxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/MN HAGELIN, BRIAN
01-04 18:05 WK5JCxxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/VA ROLDAN, MARIA
01-04 18:05 W58YBxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/FL YUCE, SAHINDE
01-04 17:59 WVW0Wxxx  01     $6.68 by jstaley    US/OH LOSEKAMP, THOMAS
01-04 17:51 WH3N5xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/CT HARVEY, GAIL
01-04 17:50 WTNEYxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/VA GARD, WALTER
01-04 17:46 WJ9MSxxx  01    $26.74 none          AU/SW NEILANDS, NORA
01-04 17:45 WCR3Pxxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/OR DAVIES, TIFFANY
01-04 17:45 W67D6xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   AU/SW BURT, NICOLE
01-04 17:43 WMDF0xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/TX GONZALEZ, JULISSA
01-04 17:35 WJ786xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/CA LINGENFELTER, KIMBERLY
01-04 17:34 WE1J1xxx  01    $26.74 none          US/MO DAVENPORT, SHARON
01-04 17:24 WGJ4Nxxx  01     $6.68 by josunset71 CA/ON LEWIS, SUSAN
01-04 17:24 WXZ1Gxxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/NY GEETORRES, LATISHA
01-04 16:50 WF104xxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/NC MCAULEY, KATHLEEN
01-04 16:49 WJFZVxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/IL WALSH, JAMES
01-04 16:46 WQNQZxxx  01     $6.68 by extron     AU/SW SHEEHAN, K
01-04 16:43 WT1KYxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/IL WALKER, RANDALL
01-04 16:28 W5KJBxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/CT WEINSTEIN, MICHAEL
01-04 16:22 WSSB1xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/NE LANCASTER, THOMASAS
01-04 16:13 WG4SBxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/IL CHIPKIN, JESSICA
01-04 16:12 W3MNRxxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/PA STEWART, DANA
01-04 16:09 W7B16xxx  01     $6.68 by jstaley    US/CA MAZZI, MICHAEL
01-04 16:04 WZ3B8xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/TX ALANIS, OSVALDO
01-04 15:58 W1CL2xxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/MD MAYES, JEANNIE
01-04 15:48 WE6E4xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   AU/SA WING, KATE
01-04 15:45 WDHHDxxx  01    $26.74 none          LB    MANSOUR, THEODORE
01-04 15:42 WMZ0Txxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/WA LOVE, JACK
01-04 15:35 W1RY1xxx  01    $26.74 none          SG    HA, LAY
01-04 15:29 WG879xxx  01     $6.68 by bienetre   US/MO SISCO, CALVIN
01-04 15:22 WHM94xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/CO HAGLER, ALICIA
01-04 15:21 W0TRTxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/TX GATLIN, LINDA
01-04 15:13 WMRSZxxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/CA ZITTER, MAGGIE
01-04 14:48 WKWX5xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/OK ELLER, JANICE
01-04 14:38 WJHJ5xxx  01     $6.68 by bienetre   US/MS TRAVIS, BETTY
01-04 14:22 WCTJ1xxx  01     $6.68 by extron     CA/ON CHUBA, LAURA
01-04 14:14 W0S76xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/KS COIR, PETER
01-04 13:56 WPQ7Qxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/CA GREEN, JOSHUA
01-04 13:53 W0C3Fxxx  01    $26.35 none          GB    PRICE, STEPHEN
01-04 13:47 W4VR6xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/CA SCHUMANN, CHIP
01-04 13:26 WR8JRxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/AZ YARANOFF, VICTORIA
01-04 13:14 WCNKJxxx  01     $6.68 by mclark72   AU/VC MASON, R
01-04 12:53 WBL1Vxxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/MA DELGADO, ANTOINE
01-04 12:48 WF3YDxxx  01    $26.74 none          US/TX CLARK, FELICIA
01-04 12:47 WN7RFxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/TX DELKING, REGAN
01-04 12:45 WHWSZxxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/IN OLIA, SARAH
01-04 12:40 WW97Hxxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/MI JULLETTE, DANIELLE
01-04 12:23 WXXV9xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/TX GARFIELD, ROBERT
01-04 12:14 WCWL7xxx  01    $26.74 none          US/ME JOHNSON, CINDY
01-04 12:12 WYJ9Mxxx  01    $26.74 none          US/CA CUFFE, SONJA
01-04 12:06 W55HGxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/CA BRANNEN, JACK
01-04 12:02 W09HTxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/OK CHEESEMAN, DENA
01-04 12:02 WTQ2Fxxx  01    $26.74 none          US/PA MERCON, FRANK
01-04 11:58 W71F8xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/TX AMBRES, RAYMOND
01-04 11:55 W8YJFxxx  01     $6.68 by josunset71 CA/ON TAMLIN, TREVOR
01-04 11:44 WK4SVxxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/CA LOONEY, MICHAEL
01-04 11:23 W8P0Pxxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/AR LEE, NANA
01-04 11:15 W50XRxxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/FL ZASADIL, GEORGE
01-04 11:08 WD5GRxxx  01     $6.68 by jstaley    US/VA HENRY, KRISTOFFER
01-04 10:40 WSVTVxxx  01     $6.68 by bienetre   US/MI BUYCK, ANGELA
01-04 09:54 WMNQ5xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/AZ CONNIEPRATER, CONNIEPR
01-04 08:50 W6KKNxxx  01     $6.68 by blebly     US/OH MIKESELL, RICK
01-04 08:32 WPP1Hxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/CA GORMAN, KYLE
01-04 08:30 WP0HJxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/CA GARCEAU, BRIAN
01-04 08:28 WK40Hxxx  01     $6.59 by grizz2k3   GB    BELL, ANTHONY
01-04 07:12 WW0MMxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/OH HABLITZEL, JULIE
01-04 06:51 W1MN5xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/KS MARLOW, AMY
01-04 05:17 W34F5xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/TX GARCIA, GILBERT
01-04 05:03 WFRLWxxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   US/OH KAVANAUGH, DANIEL
01-04 03:20 WE3R6xxx  01    $26.35 none          GB    WOOD, K
01-04 03:20 W7458xxx  01     $6.68 by grizz2k3   AU/VC KAY, DARREN
01-04 00:06 WPRJLxxx  01     $6.68 by extron     US/MO BRICKEY, STEVEN
===== ===== ======== ==== ======== ============= ===== =============
TOTAL:                     $880.90

Second PayPal.com:

 All Activity - Simple View from Dec. 16, 2003 to Jan. 15, 2004  
 Date  Type  To/From  Name/Email  Status Gross  Fee  Net Amount
 Jan. 4, 2004
 From  Frank Firmann  Completed $29.99 USD  -$1.17 USD  $28.82 USD 
 Jan. 4, 2004   Payment  From  Alexandria McIver  Completed $29.99 USD  -$1.17 USD  $28.82 USD 
 Jan. 4, 2004
 From  Belle McClintok  Completed $29.99 USD  -$1.17 USD  $28.82 USD 
 Jan. 4, 2004   Payment  From  Piroska mote  Completed $29.99 USD  -$1.47 USD  $28.52 USD 
 Jan. 4, 2004   Payment  From  Shirley Jaggers  Completed $29.99 USD  -$1.17 USD  $28.82 USD 
 Jan. 4, 2004   Payment  From  John Carver  Completed $29.99 USD  -$1.17 USD  $28.82 USD 
 Jan. 4, 2004
 From  Evelyn Morris  Completed $29.99 USD  -$1.17 USD  $28.82 USD 
 Jan. 4, 2004   Payment  From  Kim Taylor  Completed $29.99 USD  -$1.17 USD  $28.82 USD 
 Jan. 4, 2004   Payment  From  edward witters  Completed $29.99 USD  -$1.17 USD  $28.82 USD 
 Jan. 4, 2004
 From  Joe Shaffild  Completed $29.99 USD  -$1.17 USD  $28.82 USD 
 Jan. 4, 2003   Payment  From  Arsdale Harris  Completed $29.99 USD  -$1.17 USD  $28.82 USD 
 Jan. 4, 2003
 From  Becky Chow  Completed $29.99 USD  -$1.17 USD  $28.82 USD 
 Jan. 4, 2003   Payment  From  Esse Muwwakkil  Completed $29.99 USD  -$1.17 USD  $28.82 USD 
 Jan. 4, 2003   Payment   From  David Knight  Completed $29.99 USD  -$1.17 USD  $28.82 USD 
 Jan. 4, 2003   Payment  From  Mike Lanen  Completed $29.99 USD  -$1.17 USD  $28.82 USD 
 Jan. 4, 2003
 From  Joyce Milan  Completed $29.99 USD  -$1.17 USD  $28.82 USD 
 Jan. 4, 2003   Payment  From  Marisa Wigen  Completed $29.99 USD  -$1.17 USD  $28.82 USD 
 Jan. 4, 2003   Payment  From  Harold Monteagudo  Completed $29.99 USD  -$1.17 USD  $28.82 USD 
 Jan. 4, 2003   Payment  From  kristy harkins  Completed $29.99 USD  -$1.17 USD  $28.82 USD 
 Jan. 4, 2003   Payment  From  Michael Mety  Completed $29.99 USD  -$1.17 USD  $28.82 USD 

Lets add it up!

      On Jan. 4, 2004 I made $880.90 on my ClickBank.com account and $576.10 on my PayPal.com account for a grand total of $1457 for the day! Not to bad right! Well it took me long hours and many dead ends to get to this point. I have spent literally hundreds of dollars on this dead end and that dead end. I couldn't tell you how many times my wife and I fought because of the money I was spending on the net to no avail!

      Well all of that is over now! My wife and I have made $216,000+ the last six months and I project that figure to double in the next six months! Now that's what I call INCOMPREHENSIBLE!!! Now it's time to pass the torch.

But Mike, why would you want to give your secrets out?

      This is a question I hear over and over again. It's simple, I was in your shoes 2 years ago. Working from paycheck to paycheck, climbing deeper and deeper into debt. When my family and I go ANYWHERE I feel aches in my heart for people. For instance, go to your local Wal-Mart and see how many people are working the registers and tending to the store. These people are making $6.25 an hour. I don't care what the government says, no one can live on that salary! I know what that feels like.

      Now I go in with all this money and have to still see these people struggling by working long hours and getting a fraction of what I make each day and it makes me angry. So I decided to make a website showing people just how easy it is to stay home and make more money than you ever imagined on this great tool called the internet. The internet is big enough for EVERYONE to make a profit. But you have a better advantage because I have ironed out all the mistakes so you don't have to repeat them.

Take a look at what my life is like now!!!

      My wife and I put a down payment on our home here in Louisiana 4 months ago. A 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2000sf single family home. Now it's no mansion by any stretch of the imagination, but boy it sure is nice compared to our 2 bedroom apartment we HAD to live in before. My wife traded in our 1990 Toyota Corolla for a BRAND NEW 2004 Dodge Durango, and yes it has a Hemi! I just purchased my 2004 Toyota Tacoma, a truck I have been wanting for literally 8 years! But the best part about our new found fortune is the freedom. My wife and I have always wanted to travel, and we can literally go wherever we want now! We have taken the kids to Disney World, Hawaii, and Cancun just in the last past year. The special part about it is we don't have to take a hit on our finances when we travel, we're on the INTERNET. We make money while we travel!!!

What I will teach you in the next 24 hours will change your life, Guaranteed!

      I don't care if you just heard about the internet yesterday, if you know how to use the keyboard and the mouse I will have you making money in no time! I will take you step by step giving you all the tips and tricks it takes to have a stack of cash flowing in each and everyday. And this isn't your day job, making money only 5 days a week, on the net you can make money 24/7!!! From the very beginning I give you very fine detail to make sure you know everything going in and your profits remain high. You will be amazed at the instant gratification you receive from day one, and you will want to share it with everyone you know. Well guess what, you may. Once you join, you can share everything you learn with whomever you like! Show your parents, or a sibling, heck get grandma involved; because this system is so easy, ANYONE can do it!!!

Here are just a few testimonials I have recently received:

      This is what makes me get up in the morning, knowing I will have email to read about how normal ordinary people like you have had their lives altered because of this site!


I would like to start off with a very much deserved thank you. I can't begin to say how happy and proud my family is of me.

I have been trying to make money on the internet for 4 months, putting out a ton of money and getting nothing in return. I joined your site 2 weeks ago and the success has been jaw dropping.

My first week I made $285 and now in my second week I have averaged $100 a day for the past three days! I know I have a lot more to achieve and still a lot more money to make, but I just can't get over how excited I am and couldn't resist sending you an email.

Thanks a million!



  What a wonderful program...

I started with your "Quick Start Guide" and talk about instant gratification! I had 2 orders within 5 hours of joining your program. I'm in the process of getting my Dad involved. I can't wait to see how the next week will go!

Thank you so much, finally a down to earth method that really works!!!



  Hey Mike,

It's me Arthur P. again! Just wanted to give you an update on my success. It's been 3 months now and if I have calculated right, my total earnings since joining are $4,674.59!

I think I have conquered the "Affiliates Guide" and I am seriously thinking about making my own website. I plan on rereading the "Want Your Own Website Guide" and incorporating everything into my site. In the next three months I plan on tripling my earnings to this point!

Thanks for helping me see light at the end of the tunnel!



Now a word for the people with doubts

      Let me start off with a quote from my own wife when I started venturing into making money on the net: "If its so easy to make money on the internet, why doesn't everyone do it?" The same reason why everyone doesn't make a fortune in real estate, business ventures, or the stock market. Because not everyone has the "no how", the means to do it, and more importantly the "balls" to take a risk. This is what makes the internet so great:  there's no risk, very little expense involved, and I have provided the "no how" for you! I hear the doubters already: "But Mike this..." and "But Mike that..." And the others saying "how do I know you are not going to rip me off". Well first of all I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. Second, it's against the law and I would like to live with my family instead of jail. And third, I'm doing this for the sole purpose to help people like you realize the power of making money on the net and how easy it can ultimately change your life. But I know you don't know me from a hole in the ground so I back it with this:


My 100% Satisfaction, Full
Risk Free Money Back GUARANTEE!


If you're not making between $2,000-$10,000 per month within 6 months of joining this program, I will issue you a full 100% refund. No hassles or hoops to jump through, it's guaranteed!!! You absolutely have nothing to lose!



Also receive 3 Free bonuses:

  FREE Bonus #1
(Unlimited Value)
I will give you access to my personal email address! Matter of fact, here it is now http://hop.clickbank.net/?isis77/mpl2003 If you ever have a question, don't hesitate to ask. I am here to help and I'm not going anywhere.
  FREE Bonus #2
($499.00 Value)
Access to best-selling marketing ebooks and tools worth over $499! An astounding amount of information to help you build on the knowledge you receive from this site!
  FREE Bonus #3
($49.99 Value)
Unlimited updates for life! I am constantly adding the latest information to the site. It will never be a finished product, there are always new ways to make money and you will never pay another dime!

FreedomEveryone.Com's Gold Membership
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Limited Time Offer: I have reduced the price to $49.99,
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Here's a picture of me and my kids, acting like fools in our home. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it feels to finally be FREE! Don't hesitate, start living life The way you chose. You deserve it. Remember to email me whenever you have a question!

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Good Health To You, And May All Your Dreams Come True!

Michael Stuart


P.S. This website is NOT and I repeat NOT a "SCAM". This is why I back it with my 90 Day Money Back Guarantee! There are many, many "scams" out there, believe me I have bought into a lot of them myself. Be careful with what you buy and always make sure there is a money back guarantee associated with anything you purchase!

P.P.S You must take advantage of the special price for the month of February. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You will be making an extra income for your family in no time I GUARANTEE IT!



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