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Over 90 specially designed harmonic frequency and hypnosis programs 



  • Over 40 harmonic frequency induction programs; including astral projection, psychic, improve memory, chakra tuning, lucid dreaming, HGH Stim, etc, etc

  • 17 Reverse Speech Subliminal programs

  • 9 Neuro Harmonic Conditioning Programs

  • 8 Nature Sound Programs

  • Secrets of Brainwave Harmonics E Book

  • The products are great as graduation gifts for students, for those trying to recover mental or spiritual health and will fit any personal budget



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With your purchase of the World of Alternatives Download Pack , you will receive these awesome bonuses -  absolutely FREE.


Bonus #1 -   The  new 70 minute Super Astral Projection Frequencies. This product continues where the 20 minute version leaves off. A truly fantastic experience for anyone serious about astral travel and projection techniques ($40 Value)

Bonus #2The  new Manifestation & Magickal Focus Frequencies. This new release is designed to focus your mind and allow physical manifestation of your wishes and desires. This has long been the basis of the secret arts of true magick.($40 Value)



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