What is Search Engine Optimization?

We define it as:

'The process of researching and choosing targeted keywords or phrases related to a website, and ensuring that the website places well when those keywords and phrases are part of a search'.

Is your website working for you?

  • Have you got a great product or idea to sell but the search engines don't find you?

  • Do you have a good website but can't get top 30 ranking on the major search engines and therefore have little or no traffic?

  • Are you put off the 'Pro' web designers and search engine 'experts' because of the high prices they quote?


How Does our system Work?

  • We have generated a large number of database pages that rank well on the major search engines.

  • Your main webpage with your links, information or sales pitch will be copied and will replace the webpage. It will then act as a doorway to your website with  increased traffic.

  • You will also benefit from searches made on related search terms that visit the database and find your website

  • You pay per search term - No Hidden costs.

  • This can be more effective than PPC schemes as you can stick to a fixed monthly budget.


What you should do next:

  • Take a look at the database that interests you. You can currently choose from


  • Each database has a box entitled select a theme. Click on this box and scroll down to view all the search terms in that database. If you find a search term that interests you click on it to check its availability. 

  • We then charge $20  per search term  per month.

  • If your search term  is not available we can create it for you. The price is the same

  • If you are interested in this service please fill in the form below for registration details


Search Term(s)



We can now provide instant hits and exposure for your website. We have created the facility for your nominated web page to appear whenever one of our database pages is called for.

The technology is targeted  separately for adult and non adult.

This is a very quick and cost effective way to get your web pages seen by our customers.

The cost is 2 cents per exposure. That is much much cheaper than the pay per click search engines or Google Adwords.



1000 Exposures of your chosen web page

                                                   Only  $20.00



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