Wholesale CDs

  • ideal for new age shop owners

  • practitioners can sell to their existing customer base

  • sells well at new age and therapy fairs

Through extensive promotion and internet presence our range of sound therapy and meditational CDs have become very popular around the world. We can now offer the opportunity to buy our CDs at wholesale prices to sell through your shop, stall or therapy practice in the UK

Each CD will carry our internet customer support address allowing most customer queries to be handled by our online support. Details of refund policies can be found at www.worldofalternattives.com/faq.htm

The CDs are sold in packs of 10 of the same title. Each pack of 10 CDs is available at 65  plus package and postage ( the shopping cart will calculate the cost in US$ but you will be charged in ). The wholesale price for compilation CDs is the same as for single CDs. 

As we are distributing our products from the UK,  customers will be charged VAT on the purchase. This will be calculated automatically on the shopping cart and can be reclaimed if you are VAT registered. 



To place your order please click on the button and use your credit card. You will be prompted to contact us with your particular requirements.


Pack of 10  CDs

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Paypal customers can still use the shopping cart


The minimum recommended retail price for each CD is  15  for single CDs and 25 or  for compilations. 

Your outlet details will also be added to our website free of charge.


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