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You are hearing an extract from the CD Touched by Angels. This is the 6th CD in the series recorded by Sean James Bradley. If you want to hear more please scroll down the page

There are many voices in the angelic spirit world. We need to be able to discern whether the voice comes from our personal angel or from a fallen angel or destructive spirit.

Where there is a force for the good and the light there is always an opposite force of darkness close at hand

This darker force often manifests as disquiet, anxiety and depression.

We can be healed by making contact with our personal angel and by developing the knowledge that it is truly our personal angel

and healer


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Let Sean James Bradley help you to find your personal angel and begin the process of healing from within




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Who is Sean James Bradley ?


Throughout my life, l have always been aware that I was guided.  So much so that at the age of 16, I entered a monastic community as a novice and trained in nursing, becoming a professed nursing monk.  That job took me to various parts of the world, giving of my talents and serving my community.

Through my life long contact with angels my aim is to raise awareness about angels and their beneficence towards mankind and the animal kingdomm  

I believe that each individual is unique and special to the Creator and the Angels. Because each of us has been blessed and singled-out for a specific task it is important that we understand and not be afraid of our angels. Fear is a powerful negative force that often separates us from receiving  angelic love and light-energy into our lives.


You are hearing a

he Archangels