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I have to say I am thrilled with World of Alternatives HGH Stim CD.
I've been dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E.) and Fibromyalgia for 17 years, and have tried many things to help boost my own production of human growth hormone, always through supplementation, and always with little or no success.
HGH Stim CD bypasses the usual channels and goes straight to the source. I knew the first time I used it that it would be good for me, and my doctor (a brilliant naturopath and energy healer) agreed the frequencies were just right for my needs. He plans to use the CD in his practice and on himself (he is also in recovery from CFS).
I'd like to thank Geoff, and World of Alternatives, for researching and developing such a fine product.
Steve D. USA

I just wanted to say how much I LOVE the
reduction CD
.  It has worked from the first night I
used it.  I feel completely rested and refreshed after 5 hours of sleep at night.  I finally have time to do everything I want during the day!  I've even used it during the day for a quick 20 minute refresher and it gives me energy to finish my day.  It's definitly unlike long naps or regular sleep that I would awake feeling groggy from.I tell everyone about what a great product you have.  It's amazing!
     Thank you!  I just ordered another CD - can't
wait to try it! Another satisfied customer,    
Lisa Cash - USA

I have bought all of your CDs on Brainwave Harmonics and NHC, except the
most recent ones you have out, which I'll be purchasing shortly. I have had some exceptional results with them.

Anand Rao , Jakarta

I just want to let you know that on the first listening to your OOBE CD, I had a complete OBE! It only lasted 1 to 2 seconds but it happened.  GL - USA

I found the epsilon wave an amazing program. I have experienced clear white light meditations many times but this made me feel cocooned from head to toe like I was floating on water. I found this very uplifting for my aura.                 Thomas Bowers - UK

I continue to use the harmonics, and they continue to affect me in wondrous ways... I use the Energizer a lot to help me with my concentration at tasks that require diligence and concentration.                                                  Miguel Anjel Contreras - California

By the way, I had serious anxiety problem and would always feel reckless even after a good night sleep, I use both
stress reducer and sleepreducer before sleep ."MY GOD".....the effect it had on me was miraculous..... :)     ..... ur product changed my life instantly..... keep up the good work Mohammed Shorbagi  - UAE

( Before ordering Tantra CD) Hello, very curious as to how effective this is.....Kundalini already raised and pretty good but not perfect, chakras in good use already.......( after order) Thanks for the Tantric ....I'm impressed already....Now ordering Lucid Dreaming...Ralston Taylor - New York

For over fifteen years I have experienced a respiratory problem that caused an altered heart beat pattern.  During cold damp weather there would be times when my breathing and diaphragm would seem to spasm which would make my heart start beating irregularly.  Not very pleasant!

Conventional medicine couldn't come up with a solution other than taking time of work - which didn't help.  Eventually a Naturopath was able to
decrease the frequency of the attacks and control them by using larger than medically recommended doses of antihistamine to return the heart rhythm to normal.

About a fortnight ago my daughter gave me the
Tantra Chakra Binaural Harmonics CD from World of Alternatives.  I listened to it once a day with interesting effects such as feelings of enhanced wellness and wellbeing.  Then last
weekend I was walking in the bush with my son which triggered another "attack".   I managed to get home with difficulty.  Instead of taking the
antihistamine, for some reason, I sat and listened to the Tantra Chakra CD. It brought a feeling of relief around my chest, lungs and diaphragm and
returned the heart rhythum closer to normal: just one beat missed out of every ten and at close to my normal rate.  First thing the next morning I
listened to the disc again.  At the end, my heart rhythm and rate were back to normal!

With the continued use of the disc (twice daily) I have not had another "spasm" and don't feel that it is likely. If it does happen however I believe that I have something better to use than high dosages of antihistamine, and, unlike the antihistamine, the Tantra Chakra CD only seems to have positive side-effects!
Brian MacDonald, Victoria, Australia

Order received this morning. Thank you for the wonderful service. Sue Beck, UK

I just got your astral travel download, and the first time I used it I could feel it working.  THANK YOU, so much for making this great product.              James Reiter, USA

Awesome work you guys are doing. I would also thank you for offering an affiliate program. I look forward to sharing your discovery with the world. Seekerdelsol Miller

Thank you for your prompt attention regarding my order,  I WILL definately recommend your web-site to all of my friends, thanks again, for your professional response. John Footh, USA

 I have listened to it ( Instant Charisma) and i got the most relaxing sleep i've had in a long while!..... its a great cd and i will keep you updated....will recommend my friends to your products as well.... do let me know on the questions and have a great year. RV, USA

 I like your products and especially the Psychic which i have found makes me very alert and will be recommending the site to friends, also I will know where to come when I want to try the next thing.   Money well spent :)
Josh ,UK

the chi generator gave me a sense of energy unlike I've known before.  Bruce Keys, USA




















I just received your Astral Projection product, and I am amazed!!  I felt a shift the first time I used it!!  I want to project badly.  I have been trying unsuccessfully since I first heard of the possibility.  This product is amazing.  Nothing I have purchased has gotten me this close to a feeling of possibly being successful.  I feel that it is possible, since NO ONE out there can come close to guaranteeing the success of their product.  I take my hat off to you!! What an amazing endeavor you have undertaken. Miguel Anjel Contreras - California

Amazing!! Fantastic!! I just ordered the astral projection download, and after I gave it a listen I was so happy with the results that before the .wav could finish I had to thank you, wow this stuff really works, it really works. I still canít believe what I just went through. Thank you and please keep up the great work  Peter B. USA

I am a Yoga teacher and reiki healer so i use techniques for chakra balancing etc.  Can i say that i have never experienced such immediate relaxation, almost trance like, but safe! so quickly.  I could feel the root chakra vibrating straight away. it makes you sway and i believe it is energy and balancing the other chakras in turn.  It is 6.10 am saturday morning and i never get up this early and i never get up in such a pleasant state! it is a wonderful item.  I bet it can sort out many dis-eases within the body too and i read that the more you use the sounds the stronger the healing properties.  fantastic.   I suffer from SAD and it seems to have helped me so much in just 2 sessions             Tammy Lorraine Majchrzak, UK


After relaxing with the remote viewing section for about ten minutes I have to say that I noticed a definite change in my perception. This is definitely a phenomenal breakthrough in technology and I am extremely excited about exploring it. Regina D Johnson - USA

I listened to the whole Tantra CD last night and feel incredible peace and energy. I could see my family's emotions with such clarity.  I  felt incredible closeness with them  John Moulton, USA

At first, my ordeal was a little complicated.  I thought you had no idea what you were doing.  I ended up finding out that I couldn't of been more wrong.  I can't believe how polite you were.  After listening to the tantra CD consistently for a little over a week, I feel alive.  It seems like every single aspect that was holding me back before is becoming a lighter load to carry.  Everytime I turn it on it feels like I am immediately induced into a trance by the vibrations.  It is very soothing and relaxing and great to listen to during rush hour, then when I get to work I am refreshed and motivated instead of stressed out about the recent drive.  I have seen a lot of positive adjustments in my behavior.  I am happy to say thank you to you.  I am excited to explore the world of alternatives extensive library.                        Derek Biondich, MN,USA

Thanks very much for your speedy response and for the extract in your mail. I have Download OOBE and INSTANT MEDITATION: Perfect.                         The first time I used Instant Meditation I got a good relaxation and a wonderful surprise: The calmness in the mind lingered on for a long time. In the future I will order again. Sergio Truffello, Chile  

  I think your product is outstanding and I will probably purchase more cdís in the future.   I also wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Astral Projection CD I ordered.  I have trying for several years now to astral project without success.  I bought all the books,tapes and anything else I could find , but still had no success. Within the first week of using your product I projected. It only lasted a few seconds but it happened . Without this CD it would not have been possible for me. My results were so amazing , I ordered the entire compilation set. Thank You  Dave Ohar Lockport, New York

Only one day I'm sincere you have magic .WE wanna work whit you  after
downloaded and listening my husband and I discover the wonderfull MAGIC it
is a victory for our research
  Princess Nneka, Dominican Republic

I thank you very much for sending me this format....... It works for me.... Well, harmonic are very good, ....Good results I think my six sense is improved by telepathy, and i still love" instant charger"(energiser). Sarmad Farz - Pakistan

The first time I used shaman wave I experienced visual contact with my spirit guide. I felt the presence of other spirits. A tremendous experience.                 Thomas Bowers - UK

I have used Sleep Reducer every  night for the past three months with great results.  Listening to this download has allowed me for the first time in a number of years to actually sleep the whole night through AND feel rested when I wake up. Additionally I have not had to take sleep medication, and sometimes (about half of the time) I need less sleep per night than before.  I love it!                    Elizabeth Segura - Kansas

I finally downloaded the telepathy file, and gave it a try.  Listening to it twice a day once when I wake up and once before bed, I found that this is the most effectife tool in enhancing my telepathic gift.  I have been able to "read" people's intentions before anything is spoken.  I can also "tune" into people alot eaiser and meditation is as easy as lying down.    Thank you and your team very much      Nick, USA

Thank you very much for your fast and precise response, it is a pleasure dealing with an internet company that is so cooperative. Terrel Lovett - USA

Thank you very much for your speedy response. I received the CD and it is very useful. Dr Tarik Al-Janabi - UK

I will recommend your company to all of my friends. Tricia Calhoon -USA

I love the other CD's I've purchased from you ; the
Delta is a real trip as is the Restore album.      Chris Leggette, New York

I recieved the CD that was fast and am getting the resalts of the program it
working thank you i will be ordering more later
Charlie M, USA



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