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    Balance Serotonin Levels without Supplements

    • Control depression without risk or drugs

    • Elevate your mood in 20 minutes 

    • Control appetite and pain at the same time

    • Perfectly safe and easy to use

    • Fully Guaranteed


    serotoninDealing with Depression

    Recent studies have shown that imbalances in serotonin levels  trigger depression. Doctors often treat  patients with serotonin reuptake inhibitors (eg Prozac) because these medications can help to regulate serotonin levels.

    It is the role that serotonin plays in depression that perhaps is of most interest . People with depression have measurable 'imbalances' in the brain's neurotransmitters; low levels of serotonin  are believed to play a critical role.

    If an episode of depression causes a change in your serotonin level, this can have an effect on your pain threshold too. Because serotonin helps keep 'pain gates' closed, a lack of it can make you feel more pain. 

    Serotonin also helps with sleep, which explains the sleep disturbance encountered by those with depression.

    This also explains why people can get such immediate relief from drugs - serotonin is so strongly involved in sleep regulation, pain perception and mood that an increase can have a huge effect. The danger of course, is becoming dependent on drugs instead of tackling the root cause of the depression.

    Research indicates that the best way to elevate serotonin levels is to stimulate the body to produce more serotonin. 

    In clinical trials increased Serotonin has been shown to give:

    • moderate and control depression

    • moderate and control eating disorders

    • Relieve Pain & migraines

    • Ease stress and tension

    • Improve immune function

    • Improve blood vessel tone

    • Improved sleep

      brainwaves How Does Mood Elevator Work? 

    Serotonin is one of dozens of neurotransmitters and is found in body tissues including the brain, blood, and the mucous membranes lining the stomach and digestive tract. 

    In the past decade, research studies of serotonin have found that it plays an essential role in the regulation of sleep, appetite, temperature, blood vessel tone, secretion of certain hormones and in the perception of pain, thereby affecting a wide range of conditions, such as migraine headaches, depression and sleep disturbances. 

    There is a way to stimulate the brain to produce more serotonin without side effects.  It is self regulating, inexpensive and perfectly safe

    MOOD ELEVATOR is a sound frequency product which has been scientifically proven to stimulate the stimulate the release of serotonin with regular use. 

    • What would you prefer to do? Add a manufactured pharmaceutical to your body every day without really knowing the side effects or use a product that allows your body to regulate its serotonin production to the level it needs naturally.

    You do not need expensive equipment to use the MOOD ELEVATOR
    You can either:

    •  Download it directly to your computer and listen to it on headphones. As often as you like.

    • Buy the CD version and play it in any CD player with headphones.


    Buy the download, the CD 
    or the value compilation CD below...   

    Mood Elevator 

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    Mood Elevator CD
    (includes shipping)

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    Value Compilation CD - 3 titles on one CD 

    Pain Control CD 

    Track 1 - Serotonin 
    Track 2 - Endorphin Release
    Track 3 - HGH Stim

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