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Low Price E Books

Business E Books at 80% discount !!.

Secrets of the Big Dogs

The very famous internet marketing bible. Reduced price.

E Mail Marketing Protection

If you need a pro E Mail campaign. Check this out.

Web Cloaking

This is absolute top of the range automatic stealth software. Invaluable for serious internet marketeers

Autoresponder Software

The best autoresponder software we can find. Great value at this price.

Automated Safelist Submitter

No more spamming worries with this software


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Brainwave Harmonics

Learn how to successfully remote view and astral travel What are the shamanic and telepathy harmonics 

The use of brainwave harmonics  to promote different states of consciousness is now available by direct download from the internet. 

Strange Directory

New Age and Occult links covering the whole world wide web
Includes specialist links to astrologers, psychics,
tarot specialists, wiccan sites, pagan sites & much more.
Believed to be the largest database of its kind.

Alternative Medicine 
The use of alternative medicine is well established throughout the world.     You are now able to contact consultants on line

You can buy herbs and supplements using secure online purchase facilities

Diet Directory
There are many diets available on the internet - some work, some don't.                                            Before you start your diet be sure to look at our directory and pick the right diet for you
Alternative Money 
Many people today supplement their income by making money on the internet. There are lots of ways to do this .     
Music Directory 
An ever growing compendium of bands, artists and music related issues. Links to many of the official fan club sites
Adult Directory 
This is very adult. Please do not visit this section unless you are over 18 and not easily offended
Gambling Directory 
This directory gives access to tips on successful gambling. There are also links to race courses and the fairest internet casinos.
Magnetic Therapy 
A revolutionary magnetic technology that can be used on humans and animals. There are applications for improving fuel economy and purifying water.


Self Hypnosis 
A new development in self hypnosis.    There are applications to help you lose weight, cure impotence , cure insomnia and stop smoking


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SEOS  are specialists in search engine placement for internet marketing and business related sites.

They will do all placement work for free. You pay on results. A great service.

They have a number of immediate placement search terms for sale. Your site could be No1 in Google and Yahoo in the next hour !!

Internet Broadband

The most reliable broadband supplier - BY FAR

Pop Up Killer

AT LAST - get rid of pop ups with this software

Domain Bot

Domain Bot will find the domain you are looking for. Excellent tool.

HomeJob Database

Database for home workers and contract opportunities

Get paid to Shop

You CAN get paid to shop at the mall or to eat at local restaurants




Available by download or CD. Click on the picture to find out  about this amazing opportunity.



This internet marketing opportunity is truly sensational. We predict it will make a lot of money.

online investing

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